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Yes I do have pictures. im 65 yrs young. my dr removed the lower portion of my stomach as the skin hung down almost half way to my knees. I had a lot of skin rashes and infections becuz of it, I had bariatric surg,lost 137# and kept it of for 3 yrs. when my ins was to be cancelled jan 1 (becuz of Obama care ) I wanted to have the surg while I had insurance. 8 weeks ago I had the surg,and was on my way to recover at my dd's home as I had the surg in anchorage and I live 350 miles from dd lives near hosp stay. the dr was very strict,i had to drains that wehad to empty and measure every 6 hrs,i took antibiotics 500 mg round the clock till the drains came out 4 weeks later, I had good pain meds,no lifting and I had to wear a belly band (an elastic wide Velcro affair which I did not like)and no tub baths or showers,i did wash cloth baths till drains came out(not fun) she removed 32# of skin etc. I feel wonderful now that im healed. my incision ran from the middle of my back down across the pubic bone back up and around the other side. she removed my belly button and an old appy scar.Im still a chubby women,but so much smaller than I was. I now can wear normal undies without skin falling out and them getting twisted and for the 1st time since I was in my 20's I can wear a pair of zip and snap blue jeans. Im handicapped meaning my legs are paralyzed from the knees down and this surg has helped with my mobility. I hope im not being too graphic,but im so pleased with the results. I feel more normal than I have in years. any ways if you have any questions please ask. wishing good luck rosey ps as you can see my hanging stomach in the 1st pic. I still have a pooch as the dr said it was to dangerous to remove so much at once. the last pic is where I started. a big change I think
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