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Hi! We had horrible storms last night but we are safe and didn't have any damage and I'm thankful for that.

I'm also thankful to see Carri posting!

Carri: We all have birthday's that hit us harder than others. For me, I LOVED turning 40 but I remember when I turned 27 I had a very hard time with that birthday and I just had to work through it. Looking at 50 in a couple of years and I'm not sure yet how I feel about it. I know there are somethings I want to have accomplished before then and I think if I have them done then it won't be so hard on me. The BIGGEST Things is that I want to be under 200 lb by they. So I better dig in and get busy with it.

I know you wanted to be under 200 by your 40th know what? You can be there by 41!

I am watching Biggest Loser and yes I did catch last week with Jillian and the caffeine pills. I was surprised that she chose that route to go.

Dee: I hope each day you are feeling better. Did you watch Revenge last night?

Melly: Have you started reading Dolvett Quinces book yet?

Tori: Where are you pretty lady?

Ok, so I need your help. At TOPS this past Thursday we made a "my journey to goal" out of strips of poster board. We all had a starting place and an ending place. In between is the road we are driving on to our new destination. Along the way we have speed bumps that are to represent our personal challenges and what is slowing us down or in our way of reaching our goals. I have a few ideas what mine are, but I would like to hear your inputs as most of you on this thread have known me for a long time in this journey and I'm not really going anywhere...and I need to get a move on

Thank you for any information you share. I will let you know after Thursday what I put on my "road".

I wanted to share one more thing. Most of you know that I had a personal until last year when she went to be a missionary in Mexico. Well, her mother just passed away at the young age of 51. She had liver failure. Not caused due to drinking. I'm very sad for my friend and her family as I know they will miss her very much. However, my faith lets me take comfort in the fact that there is the promise of Heaven and that Lisa knew Jesus as her personal friend and Savior and that she is now with Him.

I have lost a lot of friends over the past two years and if I'm learning anything it is that life is not promised and if I'm going to make the most of it, I can't waste my time eating for comfort and pushing down feelings...I must get out there and live and move and enjoy. I was made for much more than this.....being overweight and unhappy with myself.
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