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hi Ladies !!!! Glad to see you are all doing well ...I'm just maintaining at the moment although I have gained since the Summer...not doing too good on my Christmas Challenge Nothing really exciting is going on with those of you who are on fb with me know, I turned 40 recently so that has changed my outlook some and I'm working thru that...I know I'm probably being a baby but I have to work thru my is what it is...just a number...I think it has to do more with time wasted being over weight I am 40 and still trying to get under 200 and stay there...just a little depressed over it I guess, and the holidays make it so hard.
Along with 40 comes my first mammogram which is scheduled for next Monday, fun fun

I'm watching Biggest Loser, anyone catch last week with Jillian and the caffiene pills? Odd...I thought they might have discussed it more...but anyway now I want some of those pills, haha

I was reading thru your posts and seems like you guys are doing good...

I've missed you guys...have a great week !!!!


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