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I've only ever been to one doctor that seemed to give a rip that I was obese. The rest are in such a hurry to get me out of their office, they don't bother to do much aside from, "Uh huh, looks good, lose weight." The one that cared naturally moved away. The one I have now is into the HCG thing and keeps trying to push that on me. That proves to me right there that he knows nothing about nutrition.

In fact, I really wish I could find a decent general practitioner around here that wasn't completely booked all the time and too busy every visit to take any time with me. I get more help from the nursing staff most visits than I do the doctor. We do have a really good nurse practitioner at the HD that is really nice, and aside from chewing me out about my blood sugar, has been really helpful and knowledgeable. I get the feeling she keeps up with nutrition. The problem is, the HD is ALWAYS full and is hard to get in. They also don't prescribe narcotics, and while I'm not a druggie by any means, when you're in hellish pain like when my husband was when he had a root canal, they help. They sent him home with prescription strength Advil.

I haven't been back to her since my sugar is under control and I've lost weight. I think next year I might just schedule a follow up since my current Dr. is more interested in prescribing meds than trying to get to the root of the problem.

Honestly, medical guidelines or not, I don't really see my local physicians changing much. They are old and set in their ways.

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