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I saw my doctor on Friday, and I brought up weight loss. It was a good discussion of options and risks, but he admitted he had "no answers, obviously" gesturing towards his own overweight frame (much less overweight than hubby and I, but still significantly overweight). I also noticed that he seems to have gained some weight recently, but I know his wife has some severe health issues, so the stress is probably taking its toll.

Sadly, weight loss "science" isn't very advanced and mostly amounts to trial and error, resulting in (at best) the only slightly less blind leading the slightly more blind.

I didn't get much in the way of practical advice from our conversation, getting the impression that I had a lot more knowledge and experience with weight loss and nutrition (and even exercise) theory and practice than my doctor.

Where our doctor succeeds tremendously, though is in compassion. He doesn't criticise or give stern or judgemental advice, and he shares his own personal struggles, which I think makes all the difference.

Feeling lectured or scolded by your doctor doesn't help.
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