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I'm on day 9 of juicing and feel fantastic! I juice breakfast, lunch and snacks and "eat clean" for my evening meal with salads, avocados, small amouts of wholefood cards and lean protein such as chicken or fish and i'm loving it. I feel amazing, got so much energy but the best thing was that all the things that were my downfall when dieting (pizza, bread, cured meats, cheese, wine) just don't appeal to me at all now - I don't even like the smell of them, let alone the taste. I'd far rather tuck into a plate of broccoli, salad and a herb omelette.

I weighed myself on day 7 and had lost 5lbs in weight, 2% bodyfat and hydration levels were up by 3%. I've also lost 4cm off my hips and 2cm off my waist. I am truly stunned at how much better I feel. I personally find that using ginger and or lemon in the vege juice makes them far more palatable.
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