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todays cals-2200. Enjoyed a great weekend with the family. I went "Christmas" shopping on Saturday and ended up buying myself a new coat, a pair of black boots, a red sweater and snowflake earrings. My kind of Christmas shopping! Eating this weekend was on the high side but I made cabbage soup tonight so maybe I can be good this week to help make up for it.

Gayle-Try not to sweat the unemployment stuff too much. It gets easier with time and practice. Trust me, I have had a lot of experience with unemployment. It is not any more pleasant even with practice but you can get in the groove of sending resumes and going on interviews and making good use of your time in the meanwhile.

Marie-Great job with the cals and exercise. My new job is keeping me busy. I think I am being useful to them. I am getting a new computer this week which will make my life ten zillion times better. I got kicked out of the accounting software last week and only half an entry was recorded. Having never had experience with getting kicked out and half entries, it took most of a day to find the error and that was only after backing up two days. Thus the new computer, yea!!!

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