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Default Excited, motivated and I'm not sure what?

Oh hi everyone!
Since I restarted weight watchers in august I've lost 20 pounds, which is awesome! I'm now at 170 and so ready to go back to the 160's and keep working my way down. My ultimate goal weight is 135, maybe a little less. About 4 years ago, I was at that point. A few things happened in my life (won't bore you with the details) and I ended up resorting back to stress eating and gained an astronomical amount of weight. When I restarted weight watchers I was 189.8 and felt ashamed that I hadn't taken care of myself the way that I should have. I finally feel like I have taken control of my life back and am doing things the way I need to so that I can be healthy again. I have a pretty energetic job and I also go to school full time, so up until now I haven't really been going to the gym much. I don't think the weight will keep falling off like this so I obviously need to start doing something to keep it going. I decided a few months ago that for my 21st birthday I would be taking a trip to Vegas with a few of my closest friends to celebrate not only my birthday, but all the things I've overcome in the past few years. I made it my goal to be at my goal weight for my trip, and while I'm on my way there, it concerns me that I'm so worried about not achieving my goal. (We will be going to Vegas in the second week of may)
Anyone want to be my fitness buddy? I think that could be a motivator for me, as well as rejoining the gym and making myself go. Any and all advice is welcome!
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