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Gayle, it is a good thought. I bet you'd love the deep water aerobics. I did aqua-jogger at our Y several years ago and it was wonderfully fun. If I wasn't working, I'd do it again.

Tera, hope all is going well. How is your new (not so new anymore) job? I haven't asked in a while.

I will end the day at 1486 calories. Truthfully, I'd be at 1436 but since I could still be under 1500 and have a dark chocolate truffelette, I figured, give me the chocolate. Today would normally be an elliptical day but on Wednesday, my workout irritated the asthma and my legs were exhausted. So I decided a nice long hike with the 3 pups was in order this morning. Coal was so-so on the walk but we had fun. Tomorrow I will elliptical and yoga. I'll walk the pups if it isn't raining. If it's snowing (definitely possible) the Siberian Huskies will love trotting through it. And TGIF!!! Work was so hectic, I'm exhausted from sitting at my desk all day. Stress is tiring, there is no doubt.
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