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Lifestyle Changes
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The way I see it is...even if I end up with lots of loose skin I'm still going to be fitter, healthier and happier. I might not be the best naked but I will feel better in clothes.

I never wear bikinis or shorts anyways, I'm too cold all the time!

And, I can't afford surgery now and probably won't be able to for a long time but if it became a problem I would start saving and make it a priority. If I didn't think it were ever going to be a possibility in my lifetime then I would just accept myself.

If you lost your leg in a car accident you would continue loving yourself, because it's something you couldn't control. Loose skin is something you can't control.

If people make you feel bad about it then they're not really worthwhile friends. Most of us here have been lucky enough to be born with all our limbs and without any 'disfiguring' diseases. Besides that, what society says is acceptable is ridiculous. Even some people who've been average sized their whole lives end up with loose skin after pregnancy or they get stretch marks just from growing.

And a lot of us have been overweight since childhood, which you can't really blame us for. I was overweight in elementary school. My skin has probably been doomed since then, but I would still much rather be smaller for health and happiness than worried about looking like anyone besides me.

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