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I tried to do a edit of what I said about 10 minutes ago & it disappeared, so I went to my history tab & this is what I said:

Sorry for being MIA. My shoulder, back & neck r still in pain 24/7 along w 1 breast pains & nausea since Oct.14 & the ER w my pancreatitis. I've seen my chiropractor 2x & massage therapist. When I pray for healing daily I feel guilt; I take responsibility for eating chips, sweets, junk food. God made us a world w healthy food & I ate stupid, I'm ashamed to b messed up & asking for Him to show me mercy & restore my health. I see my internal doctor Wed. & I know that means tests & prob x-rays because that's what they do. The small town I grew-up in had a toxic chemical factory that gave 20% of the residents cancer & died; I moved when I was 25yr. 1 brother died 6yr ago w lung cancer & my other brother 21 yr ago died from lymphoma & my sister w breast cancer 10yr ago. I'm in God's hands & I pray he Blesses me to b on earth for 18 yrs more, I'd love to b @ all my grandbabies high-school graduations.

I made donuts for dh this morning, I plan to eat 1/4 of them. It's hunting season here & dh got a big 10-point buck in our woods this morning & he's going back out for 2 more deer to donate to our local food-bank. I don't like the venison taste anymore except when I make Swiss steak, so that big buck will last dh a year w alternating it w chicken & fish. Next year dh goes to deer camp, his playtime w cards & the guys exploring the forest.

Susie, its soo Wonderful that John is enjoying walking w U Great going w losing that pound @ tops I've missed being here w U, but I know U r getting good support on your other threads. TY for your text, I was concerned about U being MIA & John's heart. U 2 r in my prayers, U feel like my missing sister that I just found last year. {TY for your encouraging words from your recent post to me.}

Melly, how r U doing w dh back from his elk hunting trip, I imagine it's honeymoon time @ your home Do U hunt also, I only hunt for wild berries & morel mushrooms. 213 lbs. is soo close to Onederland I know U can do this When I was @ tops club we often had members drop +10 lbs in 1 month & often it was due to water or constipation causing prior probs. R U still doing the night shift @ work? That's got to b a simpler food menu for U to manage. TY for telling us about Dolvett's book. How could I get that coupon to use for my Kindle e-reader?

It's a beautiful weekend here in MI in the high 50's & w low winds. Earlier this week it was bitterly cold in the 30's. We both got a flu shot last week @ Kroger $28, the lowest price of stores & our doc. I have lots of sewing to catch-up because from being sick. This year our sons r having Thanksgiving w their spouses parents, so dh & I will b on our own this year to eat & cheer for our football teams. Unless I received a quick health improvement I wouldn't b a good hostess for my family, so this worked out well.

Tori & Lyssa I hope that U r losing pounds & U r feeling well
Thank you for your Prayers PLease share a funny video Dee. "I'm a Gummy Bear" song from the Gummy Bear movie. Also a Minnions video clip that makes you LOL !

I have a Grandma brain
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