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Hi. It's nice to see both Melly and Dee here. I hope that Tori and Lyssa will be here again soon.

I stayed the same at TOPS last night. As a chapter we are doing very well with our weight loss. We have some "new blood" and it's inspiring. Our meetings are fun again and we are getting and giving support to each other again.

Melly: I'm interested in how to get that coupon for the book as well. I have a Kindle Fire. I saw Dee asked about this too. Wouldn't it be fun for all of us to have the book and read it "together". It would make for good conversations.

Dee: I'm sorry you are still feeling badly. It is good to go get things checked out but don't let them keep moving you from one thing to another. I think you need some stress relieve. I know you have always kept yourself busy and that some of your "work" is going away but I think you find it stressful to give up those things you love and it could be playing a part in all the aches and pains.

This is the 1st weekend in 6 weeks that we don't have to be somewhere. I'm looking forwad to staying at home and organizing some things..piddling around...I love to do that and I need to..time to clean and toss...makes me feel good!

I'll pop in this weekend and I hope you all will too.
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