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Originally Posted by Katy Did View Post
Usually I steer clear of recipes where the goal is to make a food that pretends to be something else (for me, those are usually only recipes for disappointment!).

However, I'm home sick with a really sore throat and ice cream sounds pretty tempting right now, even if it's not "real". I happen to have 2 bananas that are just slightly overripe, so I threw caution to the wind and blended them up with almonds and organic cocoa powder.

I'm eating it right now and I'm floored - this is DELICIOUS! It really does feel like I'm eating soft ice cream, though it's definitely very banana-y.

Easy, cheap, satisfying, surprising.
Did you freeze it first? That tends to take out most of the overly banana flavor for me. For the past four or five years we've never thrown out a banana and have small baggies of chopped bananas in our freezer for this. I love the natural peanut butter addition while my daughter always asks for a spoonful of nutella in hers
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