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Gayle, you can always vent with us. If you're lonely, you'll know we care about what you write. Of course we can't resolve the problem and loss you feel at having your mom in the nursing home, but knowing people care is mighty important. One thing to remember that exercise has been proven to release those endorphins that make one feel better. Even if you don't feel like it, 99 times out of a 100, if you force yourself to move, you will feel better.

Tera, moderation is good. Très bon. I can't imagine living my life eating perfectly. It is never going to happen. I like food way too much for that. It's enjoyment and fun. Making that go away would be like losing a best friend. So moderation is where my aim is. So I think you did great.

Today I did a great job on my food. I travelled over the mountain for a conference. They had a catered lunch. Thankfully I brought a protein bar. The food seemed healthy but both types of wraps had soy foods in them. So I just had a little salad and my protein bar. I'm ending the day at 1430-ish calories. Woot. And I did yoga this morning (brought my macbook into the craft room and did the routine in there. I also road my bike and did my French lesson. So a good day on the food, exercise and strengthening brain (French). And tomorrow is FRIDAY! Woots.
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