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todays cals-2060, ex-body sculpt at the Y. I did okay especially considering I attended the neighborhood bookclub meeting tonight and there were lots of goodies. I tried to be moderate and not greedy. My calories may be low since I had to guess on the slice of pie from said meeting-hopefully I am not too far off but as a wise woman once said "c'est la vie".

Glynne-I am sorry about the troubles. Glad you took the opportunity to vent. Life is throwing you some doozies. I have been in and out of jobs several times in the last few years so I am familiar with that bit of unpleasantness. Plus you have the family stuff as well. It is nice you have such a sweet mom-I can see how you would miss the talks. I hope things get better with your brother. For what it is worth- I have four brothers and my philosophy is "take them as they are".

Marie-How nice of you to take in Coal. It sounds kinda fun. How long will he be staying? With that many animals you will surely be induced to take some long walks. That could help make up for missing the time on the yoga mat.

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