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I am sorry I have been mia from this thread. I don't know how I missed it. Any who some questions. "What else can we call you" My name is melodie but you can call me melly.
I am at 213.8 this morning. Hopefully it is on the way down again.

I just bought dolvett quinces new book from the biggest loser. The wonderful thing is it pretty much what I have been doing but gives some valuable information in portions so hoping it will give me another start. I love how he talks how important it is to cheat. It is called the 3-1-2-1 diet. You eat clean for 3 days, have a cheat meal/day eat clean for 2 more days and another cheat day. The rules though you do count calories and the cheat days should not be greater than 400 more calories what you are doing and you must workout on those days. Great recipes in the book. My planet fitness gave us a 50% off coupon if we ordered the book on an e reader so only paid about 5.00 for it for my nook.
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