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Hi all, I will finish the day at 1531 cals and I did a vigorous elliptical workout. My legs are still tired 13 hours later. I know I said I'd yoga but... my friend's mother (very elderly) fell and broke her arm and my friend boarded her son's husky when she went to her mom. That's expensive since the dog is actually her adult's son's dog and he can't keep him (at least for the present) because of living arrangements. So I offered to pick up Coal and let the boy play with my girls. So all three huskies are the same age (5-6) and haven't stopped playing since I brought Coal home. I'm thinking yoga on the floor sounds dangerous. I will yoga tomorrow morning and if they're still trotting around, I'll set up my computer in my craft room and close the gate. But for now, I don't want to lock myself away from them. Having a visitor is new for my pups.

Tera, at least chili is healthy. at aiming for 1600 so you might hit 1800. I felt that was when I entered my cals for the day. I wanted 1400-1500 and I will be over a little. C'est la vie. All done with my French lesson for the evening. I will work on cutting out the strips for the log cabin blocks for my quilt.
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