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Question Everytime I eat red meat I gain weight like a sugar horde.

What's going on? I'm on a low carb-high protein diet, I exercise everyday (3 miles beach walk & Zumba 1 hour), and I drink loads of water. I also have been making sure I get plenty of sleep. My weight loss is pretty steady 1-1.5lbs per week (sometimes more) even when I have a glass or two of wine. The problems begin every time I eat red meat. My husband is an avid hunter so the red meat I eat is very lean (deer, elk, etc). I did not have red meat growing up, we usually had rabbit & veggies, loads of potatoes, occasionally we would have goat or lamb (but very infrequently).
I just don't understand what's going on. If I eat 4 oz venison steak with a salad or veggies, I will wake up the next morning with a 2-3 lb weight gain. You would think I'd eaten the entire pastry isle (which I very rarely have). How is this happening? What's wrong with me??
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