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Good morning everyone. It is cold here this morning! I think it was 27 when Jack left for work with a wind chill of 20. Man where did summer go? We didn't even get to ease into it. Utility bills are going to be high this winter I imagine.

Coming along on his sock. I am working on the leg at the moment.

I haven't heard from the doctor and I sure hope she calls today. I just want to find out what is going on and deal with it though I am pretty sure I know what it is. It is tough for patients to have to wait on a dr's timeline and we have no way of talking to our drs and leaving a message is fruitless because most of the time they never get it. Ahh well....

Jean: My exchange program is kind of multi faceted. It is based on a calorie total, ie, 1800 cal per day, then that is converted into exchanges. You have fat, meat, veg, fruit, milk,starch and depending on your calorie intake it is divided up so you basically eat pretty healthy. For example, my diet is 10st, 3fr,7meat, 3fat, 3veg, 2milk for the day. You then have each meal with a certain amount of whatever ie my breakfast is 1 milk, 1st, 1fruit, 1 fat. I also have food lists where I look up what one serving of milk is, in this case 1 c. It covers pretty much any food you would eat. It can be tough to stay on, but for me it is better because I don't eat junk food and count the pts I eat a balanced diet. You can eat what you want, for instance they have donuts on the food list, but I prefer to eat as well as I can. Dr Bruijn said they can repair the tears, which is what Jack's doctor did with his knee, but once they tear, they can tear again, etc. I would imagine the only long term solution would be knee replacement, but I am not sure I am up for that though I like Jack's surgeon a lot.

Maggie: Jack had the oil changed on Monday and with a coupon it cost $50. You probably have to have 6 qts instead of 5 like we do since you have a Jeep and they gouge you. They charge you by the oz or something like that and it cost $7 for the extra qt, which made Jack mad. We have been going to Firestone for years, but I told him to check the dealership to see about pricing on an oil change and a tuneup. They quoted us $400 to remove the old and replace the new spark plugs. That is insane!!! Hope the pets still smell good. Fortune's smell never lasted long either and he was a quiet dog.

Susan: I have some silicone baking stuff and I hate the stuff. It will stain the baking cups or baking sheets if you spray them, but I found though they say they don't they stick without it. I guess you will just have to try a batch without and see how they do. I am pretty well fed up with the female stuff. It is back to the point where it is basically like having a period, but all the time and it never stops. Ridiculous and I am going to see what this new dr has in mind. I think taking it out is the solution, multiple surperies on my part of not. What they are doing isn't working and should after a year and a half. I can't have the Novasure as my uterus is too long so taking it out seems the way to go. We shall see as I go to the gyn a week from Friday.

You all have a great day. I am going to bundle up and knit for awhile. Faye
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