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Gayle at the kitty story but LOVED that you were dedicated and got in a bike ride. Way to go!!!!

Tera, you don't want to be me. Your metabolism is way better. And I didn't get my 1400-1500 cals today. I ended at about 1570 cals. I had the sugar cravings like you did when I got home from work. But I'm still happy with less than 1600 calories. And you did your 1800 calorie goal. That is excellent. We're all on track now. Now the goal is to stay there.

I rode my bike this morning for 30 minutes. I was supposed to yoga and got carried away with figuring out my quilt square directions. Hmmm. And then I did Duolingo (really cool way to re-learn a foreign language). I'm re-learning my college French. So the yoga got totally forgotten. C'est la vie. Tomorrow is a non-yoga day and I will instead do today's routine.
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