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Good afternoon, ladies! It was 53 degrees about 10 am and has now slid down to 42 and still falling - and a few snow flurries just to let us know winter is here. I did not want to see snow even if it doesn't stick. Its going to be a long, cold winter and that means I won't be outside but to run to the car and back.

Tonight is quilt guild and we'll have dinner at Anna's before hand.

Faye, I'm so sorry your female problems have come back and your knee problems. Thank goodness they didn't interfer with your fun on the cruise. Its nice to make friends you can cruise with year after year. In the long run, your exchange diet is much healthier than just eating what you want for you will get adequate nutrition from your foods.

Jean, busy with your volunteer jobs again! I'll bet you are busier now than when you were working.

Maggie, I bought a 12-cup muffin tine with silicon cupcake liners yesterday at Ollie's Outlet. My question for you, since it came with no directions, is does the silicon have to be sprayed or will it release without it?

Have a wonderful day!

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