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Hugs, I'm sure you will find even a better job. I hate this for you.

Sounds like you are doing your home work on flying. Too many rules and regs for me. Jonesboro has a small airport that used to fly into Dallas which worked well for me. I'll have to see where they go to now. I'd like to go there for a visit next summer.

My dvd player is old and it has a vhs player. I still have a few of those old tapes. In fact I might watch Zerro this week end.
And by the way you tube did have some BE dvd's.

And believe it or not I have seen a real chook running around with it's hed cut off. My grandpa had a farm.

Still not much going on except the weather. It has turned winter. We may have some snow flurries today also. As long as it doesn't stick. Then the temperature will drop down to 25 tonight. It's very windy and cold. Guess I'll have to get used to this.
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