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Good morning gals. I haven't deserted you, just have had some things to deal with. I am waiting for a call hopefully today, from my doctor to give me the news on what is going on with me. I have an appt the 22 with the new gyn because I am back where I started so we have to figure out something else because I can't take more of this and the other too.

Jack was off work for Veteran's Day yesterday and we went to lunch at McAlisters and then to see Las Vegas, which was a really cute movie. I had a turkey on wheat with lett and tom and brown mustard, a small veggie chili which was horrible as the beans were hard, and a side of fruit, which was oranges sections, a couple pieces of pineapple and honeydew, which I hate. So, I ate the oranges and the pineapple. I haven't been doing WW for a while now. I do use the pts though to keep track of how many calories I should be in. I am using an exchange program and have my foods slotted in so that I am balanced. Frankly, it is tough because I don't just eat whatever I want, I have to eat so many fruits, veg, etc and so I have a balanced meal everyday. It is other stuff too, which I will explain later. My dd lurks sometimes here and if what I suspect is going to be my diagnosis, I want to tell the kids face to face.

Well, as far as my knee, I have a torn meniscus and a torn acl, which the acl is what is making the feeling of the knee popping in and out. The clinic has gone to a computer system instead of paper files and she put all the info about my knee in so when I go in next time and take a handicap placard request she can fill it out and I can take to the county clearks and get a parking pass. It is basically for when I am alone shopping.

I finished sock one and have started sock two. I had Jack try it on as he wears the same size and it fit, but Thomas's calves are so skinny I don't know if they will stay up on him. I will post a pick when they are done.

Only 3 weeks and the kids will be here for a few days. I can't wait to see them and be with Kelly, Tom, and Thomas too.

The couple we made friends with on the first cruise called last night wanting to know our room number as I forgot to give it to her. Her husband is all excited about booking (they use a travel agent I guess) and he told her to call and not email. So we talked a bit and I gave her the info. He is an ocean view balcony cabin kind of guy but the prices were up there. Well, Jack went into the site and found the price for an ocean view balcony dropped about $300 and was cheaper than the cabin we had booked, which was an interior view cabin so I told him to hurry and change it. Hopefully, since they are still vacant, they can get a cabin on either side of us.

Maggie: We are going to get a hard frost tonight they said. It is super windy here today, but won't turn cold until Wed then the highs are supposed to only get into the upper 30's. The only bears I ever encountered were in a zoo. We are not campers!

Susan: Sounds like the tea was fun. We had a lady at our church who was British once removed so to speak and whenever we would have missionary week would do a high tea. I always loved it, lots of teas to pick from and scones and things I normally didn't have.

Jean: Ugh, snow! I think Jay and his family probably got some. They were predicting lake effect snow for them, which basically usually means a lot not a little. It is so sad summer has gone so fast, but it is either summer goes by fast and the cruise is close or summer goes slow and we wait and wait. We are cruising about three weeks earlier next year. Is Maui next year?? Jack has blown out some of our leaves, but we seem to have a yard full yet and the tree still has leaves. We are going to work on that this weekend and get the bushes trimmed and such.

Well girls, I am going back to knitting for a bit then start on my chores and cleaning. I have a load of laundry that sounds like it is done in the washer and another load to put in so better get to that. You all have a nice Tuesday. Faye
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