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Good Afternoon, Flowers! We got about an inch of snow this morning! The streets are dry now but the lawns are hit 'n miss white. The wind is blowing and it's miserably cold outside! I did some laundry this morning and picked up the gift shop money. A friend stopped by, unexpectedly, this afternoon so had coffee with her and a nice visit. Bob is at practice and has a meeting, with pizza, right afterwards so guess I'm on my own for supper.

Susan -- Have fun at Bella's tonight!

Maggie -- When I was a kid we went to Yellowstone. My mom fed a bear through the slit in the car window! I can't believe my very cautious mother would do that but we have pictures to prove it. We didn't camp however. Good luck at WW tonight.

I need to put my gift shop books away and clear off the island . . . again. Hope you all enjoy your evening!
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