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Morning all.

Ceejay - This morning I was just thinking about doing an old step workout tonight after work, but I realized it's on VHS, not dvd. We did buy a nice working vhs player from the thrift store a long time ago, but have never hooked it up to any of our tv's. The idea was for us to play the vhs tapes and have them record onto our dvd recorder. Bf has not shown any interest in playing around with the various cable connections to get this to work for us. I suppose I can play around with it a bit myself. But maybe I should just find a workout on youtube and do that first!! Once I start messing around with the electronic stuff, I know I'll be spending a lot of time on it.

Annie - Sounds like your friend's dad was given a lovely sendoff. Ouch re the can dropped on the toe!! What are we going to do with you??!! I still say steel-toe boots are required, LOL. Bionic feet - I love that idea!! Sissy's b-day dinner sounded scrumptious. Happy belated birthday to her! No, I haven't decided yet if I'm joining bf's gym. On the pro side, the gym has pretty good classes. It also has all new equipment and nice amenities. Moneywise, it's less expensive than just taking park district classes alone. On the con side, I'd have to get accustomed to the big gym atmosphere - a lot of people all over, including in the classes. (But it's not really crowded, so that's a plus.) Another con - there's ample parking, but the lot is still congested in the closer parking areas. Another possible con that I have to ask about - is there a membership committment? I do know there will be a 1-time initiation fee, but I don't know if there's a minimum contract. The cons don't seem like deal breakers - something I could get accustomed to. But I'm feeling lazy at the moment and wouldn't mind a week without classes...

Michelle - Good luck at your doctor appointment today. I agree oatmeal is filling, and I like the texture of the steel cut oats. I do, however, feel like by the time I add the brown sugar and maybe some dried fruit, it gets to be too "pointy". But if it holds me over until lunch, I guess I could fit it in. Re the library's book sales - sometimes I feel bad when I miss them, and other times I think it's for the best - I already have a lot of books on the shelf that need reading!

Shad - I had to look up "chook" even though the part about running around with its head cut off gave me a hint, LOL. Sure wish we could get an update on Mel.

Hellos to the rest of the worldlies today.

Nothing much to report since my post yesterday. I finally used part of my Sephora gift card online last night. I love that they give out samples with your order, and they also had a promotion for a holiday sample pack. But we'll see how many of the samples I really want to use, LOL. I'm not into using a lot of beauty and cosmetic products.

Nothing going on today/tonight. That's it for me! TTFN.
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