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Good Monday Vets Morning here.

Last year C and I got a free dinner for him and only paid for mine at Olive Garden. Very nice. My son is going somewhere tonight with his wife.

The funeral was bautiful. Full military funeral with casion (horse drawn carriage for caske)t from across the base. Beautiful black, fluffly arabian horses, then 3 gun salute followed by taps. Bawled like a baby. Then they brought his urn into the center for a 2 1/2 hour funeral, mostly speakers. So lovely.

Saturday was errands and cleaning, baked an apple pie for Sam's bd celebration I had. Her bd dinner request was chicken tetrazini, green beans, cauliflower, my homemade breadsticks, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. I didn't eat any breadsticks, pie or icecream....Yeah!! And it is all gone. Two of my bros and wives came as did my nephew and my DS/wife. Of course Sam, CHris and Lil Man. Not there weekend for Ains. We had a very good time and play cards too. Laughed a lot.

Got my Sketcher Shape Up tennies in the mail on Saturday. I tried wearing them, but had dropped a can of soup on my 2nd toe on my bad foot and it hurt too bad to wear them. Will give them another try when toe heals. I am thinking I need to get bionic feet installed. Like the 6 million dollar man. lol

Tried to watch a movie on Hallmark that was a new one last night but couldn't stay awake for the last half hour. Should have tho cause I was up at 1 on the couch and couldn't sleep. Bleh.

I, like the rest of us-no rest for the weary-I have to work today also. I did get to tell a cop this morning thank you for all he does. He smiled and thanked me right back. I like letting them know I appreciate them.

SHADDIE...that job is taking you away from us too much. Tell them you need a Chicklet time out. lol Hope you are doing well.

CHELLE...glad to hear your sugars are doing well. Good job on the pictures. If I send you a flash drive, could you put the pix on it for me? Thank you in advance.

LAURA...have you decided if you are going to join BFs gym yet? Sounds like they offer quite a bit that you are interested in.

HAPPY...bummer on the recall to the dentist, cause I know you are like me, would rather get 10 shots of cortisone than go to the dentist. boo on that. bummer on the 10 punch pool pass too, altho the older I get the less and less I like swimming in public places. All the talk of germs, bacteria and fecal matter in the water just kind of grosses me out. We are having crappy weather also, possible snow flurries this afternoon. Don't see how cause our high is 48, but I "guess" the weather peeps know more than we do...NOT.

SUSIE....glad to hear your DHs heart is in great shape with no blockages or anything. That is certainly a plus on your side. I am still thinking of joining TOPS but have not "made" myself go yet. I suck on that stuff. GOOD JOB on the WL. Congrats girl!! nice to have company and so nice when they go home, especially when they are sick. Bleh on the slow day at work, makes it seem to last for 20 hours.

Sure am missing our MELLIE. Wish Jen would get off her duff and post us even a one liner. Sheesh.

Have a great Monday/evening, Vets day etc etc. HUGS AND LOVES


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