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Hi everyone.

Ceejay - Nice to have a slow day to ease into the work week, especially after having company.

Happy - What a PITA with the multiple impressions for the fluoride trays. Are they thinking at all??? Too bad you missed that auction - would have been nice for you to have the pool passes (assume that means they have a whirlpool too??)

Susie - Sorry the procedure didn't zap the afib, but good to hear dh's heart muscle is healthy. Congrats on the loss this week!!

Michelle - Thanks for doing all that work on the photo/picture captions!!

Hi Shad, hi Annie - Hope you both had good weekends!
Yesterday I got out in the yard and cut back the hosta foliage, and then I also yanked out some of the ivy that I'd been letting take over in the back of the yard in the corner by the shed. Bf saying it would be a good place for a skunk to nest easily convinced me! All that pulling was good exercise, and my hands are a bit sore today from using the pruner.

We also moved the table saw from the garage to the basement (where it belonged anyway). Bf moved our bikes and the bike stand to the basement and installed it down there. That's a better spot too - our bikes are too pricey to be leaving in the garage in the rare event that we leave the door open.

After lunch, we went to Home Depot for various items, then Sears, where they had a good display of the Craftsman and Gladiator brand garage organizer systems. We ended up buying some Gladiator wall tracks and a variety of hooks.

I took doggy for a walk, and that was about it for yesterday.

Today was my usual lazy morning, except I also boiled some eggs and made a batch of steel cut oats. I spooned the cooked oats (with cinnamon and raisins mixed in) into a muffin tin and puts some chopped apple into the middle and topped it off with more oatmeal. I put it in the freezer and after I post this I'll pop them out of the tins and put them in a freezer bag and store them in the freezer. Better for me than the fridge because I never have 4 servings of oatmeal in a week. Hopefully they heat up nicely in the microwave for a quick workday breakfast.

Sorted laundry, threw in a load, then did one BE workout. The hamstring routine was deceptively effective. I feel it now and I bet I'll be feeling it tomorrow. Now that my quads are finally losing their soreness!

After lunch was another trip to Home Depot for the screws needed to fasten the geartracks to our garage walls (concrete block), and then back home to walk doggy. Did another load of laundry, and changed the sheets.

And here we are. Bf is raking leaves in front. We have to look up the date of the last curbside pickup. Not that our oak tree ever cooperates...

Okay, I think I'm going to season and bake some pita bread to eat with hummus. TTFN!
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