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Hi. It seems to have been a quiet week here. Hopefully we can all get here more this coming week--including myself.

Update on John. He did not go back into rhythm this time BUT, they did an internal echo cardio gram where they looked at all areas of his heart and they said it is a beautiful heart. NO blockages, no narrowing of the arteries and there were no blood clots. Knowing this is a blessing.

So for now he stays on the blood thinner and we will go back and discuss other options to try or not to try with the cardiologist.

I do have a 1 lb loss to report for myself at Thursday's TOPS weigh-in.

We bought a new scale at home so we both can weigh-in on Saturday together and some hand weights to have there in case we don't make it out to the Y--DH says he is committed to getting back to working out and relieving stress. They talked to him about that a great deal at the hospital. They said it can help greatly with the afib and it is important that his heart stay strong since afib can weaken it. They told him he is blessed to have a beautiful heart with no damage and that in the past he has done good things for his heart and he needs to be sure he continues doing so.

Dee: How is your shoulder feeling? I have heard about the blood type diet and I have heard people say that it worked for them. What I think about it is that I would read about it, try it for a brief time and see if felt any better. Then I would go off it for a bit and see if I really noticed a difference and then make my decision.

I don't really have a favorite on DWTS this time-I like what they all are doing. On biggest loser my favorite team right now is Dolvett's. But I'm closely watching Chelsea and Holley. Holley because she is from Columbus, OH..right up the road from me.

Tori: You will soon be on DWTS with all that dancing you are doing.

Congratulations on the 5 yr milestone with your DH. Your celebration sounded like fun. AND congratulations for being at your lowest weight! Keep going!
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