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Let's try this again . .
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Hey Shy! Hope you got some energy at some point! Do you take any vitamins? I know you mentioned iron-so hopefully you're not anemic. Maybe a B-complex would help for energy?

I did weigh in at 196.5 on Friday morning-so I was happy about that! Then my Granpda dumped his leftover Halloween candy at my house. Not sure how 5 or 6 Dove dark chocolates are going to affect my weight! Anyway-I have a weekend to myself while my daughter is playing with cousins. Trying to get the house cleaned, projects completed . . .and watch a lot of netflix! Oh-and I've started doing the 30 day shred again-2 days. I love feeling the sore muscles! Good reminder that they are there. Some people don't like feeling sore-but I do .. .
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