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Good Afternoon! Just a quick "hello" from here. I had a spur of the moment perm this morning, home long enough to change clothes and heading out again. We are going to a church Harvest supper and then a concert with Sons of the Pioneers. Amanda's mom got the tickets and invited us. We play bells tomorrow and have to be at church ready to practice by 7:30. I hope to relax after church!

Maggie -- We've had several windy days in a row and most of the trees (except our's) have lost their leaves. The wind blows them from yard to yard and right now our back yard is covered. I'm just getting a good start on my Christmas shopping! I still don't have a list from Zowie and have a few things left to get for the other kids. We give the big kids money plus a couple little things to unwrap: Amanda always gets a huge jar of dill pickles which are her favorite, and Jason likes the deluxe Kraft Mac 'n Cheese which isn't what Amanda buys so I make sure he gets a few boxes under the tree. Beth and Will change their lists from year to year. I'm glad I got as much done as I did though.

I need to change clothes and be ready to leave in a few minutes. The supper is put on by a church which has people go to the sanctuary, then they are escorted by rows to the basement to eat. The food is wonderful! Enjoy a super Saturday!
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