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I'm not sure why but, I think it's because I'm tired of running around and getting last minute items for the school projects that just seem to keep piling up on my kids (two of them). DS just handed one in today. He was up early so that he could put the final things together... he was up late last night... late for a ten year old!
DD#2 has TWO projects due next Friday! I've been on her case to start them NOW so she's not up late every night next week! Hopefully she can get one of them done by the weekend!
Agh... I don't remember there being so many things when I went to school!

Anyways.... due to the projects and me running around finding needed items for that 'special' touch, I have been neglecting myself and my eating habits.
Unfortunately, I'm just grabbing anything and wolfing it down. Sigh.

The weight is not budging but I guess that's a good thing... at least it's not going upwards!
I hope to be back on track this weekend...

@Juliemarie: I'll bet you've lost another two pounds or more! I just know it. You seem so focused.... Can you pass some of that determination to me? I seem to be lacking in it lately.

@Nicole: Now that you are POP, how's the weigh-ins going? I'll bet you've lost oodles of weight! Keep it up. You also have the motivation that I seemed to have lost. lol

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