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Question Interesting Information

I have really enjoyed this site and this thread so far. I am new to the site...found the information great and couldn't help but want o register . I've been trying to lose weight for quite sometime. I have had success numerous times, but alas, the weight returned . I have been researching Roca Labs formula for a few days now. I tend to get obsessed with obtaining ALL the information I can about something when I find myself interested . Anyhow... my curiosity leads me to question the product. I understand about not wanting to be slandered... but WOW to the information in the contract. A friend of mine is currently dealing with issues because of a former customer not agreeing with his product and spreading negative information all over the I know it can get out of hand. The thing is... not everything works for everyone.... so, maybe there is a success rate... and maybe some customers also have not seen results as promised and are bitter or have moved onto another method for weight loss.

According to the site, and to the reviews I have read... and from this thread itself... the product works by making you full...this way, you mince instead of gorge...and thus, you lose weight. However, I have also been reading that the formula affects your blood sugar, etc. in a natural and positive way by helping balance it. As many of you erratic blood sugar can cause weight gain and many other things.

So... I am curious of your thoughts on this... I have tried many methods to lose weight. I am interested in learning as much as I can. I know negative feedback/ slander from customers of Roca Labs is against their contract... so maybe message me information if you have such a review??? I am not sure if that is allowed or not, since I just joined the site. But, it sure would be useful to chat with someone who has gone through the full supply of formula and can give a great review.

Everything about the way the product is advertised says SCAM; as many of you have already pointed out. I am just seriously tired of failing to accomplish what I want so badly. And, with the cost of the formula...I cannot afford to save and get this and then fail miserably. Thoughts??? Insight? Thanks for any perspective!
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