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Excellent posts John and Avalon! I know sometimes I get so invested in that scale number that I forget it's not the be all and end all of getting healthy and learning to eat right for the rest of my life. My blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, etc are benefiting, my overall energy is better, etc., etc. These are all just as important as the number on the scale.

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Just remember this mantra after you make some headway into your weight loss ... weightloss plateaus are a "maintenance success" and not a "weight loss failure". That was a really important mind change (for me at least). I used to get so depressed during long weightloss plateaus and they often were the catalyst for me to end my dieting effort and were following by me gaining all the weight back and more. I can remember so clearly thinking (in my dieting past) after a long 3 or 4 week weightloss plateau: "I am killing myself dieting, and I am not making any headway, what's the point" -- and I would just quit. Faulty thinking!! As I was at least healthier at that lower weight -- I should have been thinking about the whole thing differently.
What a great way to think of plateaus and slower losses. I think you are totally right that thinking of them as "failures" just sets us up for more failure. Considering them "maintenance successes" is a much better mindset. Positive thinking about weight loss is a powerful tool in our "getting healthy" arsenal!

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