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Your post hit home with me. I'm 40 years old, have had 2 kids, and multiple surgeries. My husband and I have been together 6 years. In the beginning I was almost 250 pounds, extremely over weight and he was extremely in shape. My size never ever bothered him, but did me. I wouldn't have sex unless it was dark, unless I got undressed in bed, unless the blankets were on, and if he touched certain places I'd stop right away.

Also, I wouldn't get dressed in the room with him there, he wasn't allowed to be in the bathroom while I was in the shower or anything else. I had never stop naked in front of him, ever. Like you, the man had seen all parts of me. He even told me that several times, "Its not like I don't know what your body looks like" I couldn't do it.

After all the weight loss I was left with tons of skin, but also still a great deal of fat. My husband couldnt touch my stomach, go nowhere near it. I couldn't handle it. This not being naked around him, get undressed, all of that continued. Infact, I was going in for surgery and my husband was in the room during prep. The dr went to pull my gown up while I was standing up and said can your husband hold this and let me take a look at that area again. I wanted to be sick, turned red, and wouldn't move. I told her that in no uncertain terms would my husband be in the room while I was standing there naked. I told her he had never ever seen me naked standing up before. He left the room.

My husband understood, and still does understand my issues. But, after surgery that left me completely cut open I had drains inserted etc, and my husband was the one who had to drain these, clean them, and also give me a sponge bath that eventually made its way to getting me into the tub after undressing me, and even having to help me us the restroom the first week. It was horrible for me, I wanted to cry and hide. But, after it was over, lasted several months, I was no longer as self conscious around my husband. We started taking baths together, in the dark at first, and have even taken a shower or two together.

I am still not comfortable enough to just get out and walk around undressed in front of him, but you can get used to it and get over phobias.
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