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Default I've been jogging for 5 months

Originally Posted by Krazy View Post
Running seems to really help you lose weight/tighten your upper thigh area. When I first started jogging/running my thighs touched a lot - now they donít! How many weeks have you been jogging? I guess it also depends on how wide your hips are. Beyonce isnít the thinnest person in the world, but she still has a thigh gap. Here's an article about it
I went from normal weight to underweight (14% of body fat) last year because I wanted to have a thigh gap. But even after I lost so much fat, there was no big difference with my thighs and butt.. so I was disappointed, eventually put on weight over time, and weighed more than I was used to be.

However, I started to jog and went back to the original(normal) weight.

Thanks for the article by the way! I'll check it out!
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