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Good Morning Lovelies,

Yesterday I was feeling some kind of way :-( I hit the 30lb mark and I was happy, but I felt a bit lost. I didn't know what to do next (odd, I know). I mean, my current clothes are falling off of me and clothes I had in my closet are fitting loosely too. I started to wonder how much more weight I should loose. I think the euphoria of loosing 30lbs changed when I realized how much I have lost vs. how much more I have to loose. I have to loose 30lbs 2 more times!!!!!!! It bummed me out for most of the day. I did speak to my coach who gave me a reality check about how far I've come and not to be afraid to go further to where I need to be. I also signed up for the 20 before Christmas Challenge. My coach seems to think that I'll loose another 30 before the end of the year, but I'm worried about slowing down (probably not likely). Sorry I'm rambling but yesterday was a funky day for me.

So as a result of my rambling I'm doing the Christmas Challenge, staying OP 100% (I have no events/trips etc coming up, no stealing pieces of Hubby's bacon), and just letting IP do what IP is designed to do.

Have a great OP day all!!!!

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One for every 5lbs gone

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