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Ceejay - Glad that you stopped yourself. Everytime you stop yourself, you are building that muscle!

Maryann - now you have me craving Brussels Sprouts! Maybe I can get them together for dinner...

Yesterday I had dinner out and went for Subway instead of Burger King, even though I really really wanted BK. I was telling my husband last night that I still just love fast food. It is addicting - even the commercials make me hungry!

Today I am bringing my son to the dr in the city so we we will be out at lunchtime. I am trying to plan lunch and am feeling consumed with getting something "delicious". And I am feeling sorry for myself that I have to show restraint. I am reading my "It's not Fair" card and I have this, probably verbatim from the Beck book -

Accept it, move on, and do what I need to do to lose weight.

OK then!

No matter where he chooses to eat at lunch time, I can make a reasonable choice and show restraint. If he wants Five Guys, a burger is better than a burger and fries. If it's pizza, I can get 1 slice and a side salad, not 2 slices with sausage!

Tonight I will let you know how I did!

Goal 1 - 25 pounds (10%) lost = 221 pounds
Goal 2 - 22 pounds (10%) lost = 199 pounds
Goal 3 - 20 pounds (10%) lost = 179 pounds
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