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Thumbs up Tuesday - Guy Fawkes Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies Was out again in the evening at one of those long meetings with a volunteer organization. The good news is that no food or snacks were involved. Food was good enough for the day, CREDIT moi.

Two walks, CREDIT moi, for a scheduled event despite the threat of rain and the reality of chill. I do like walking when I have enough warm clothes so that I can feel the cold on my face but not in my bones.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Yep, Kudos for "creativity with leftovers." Creamless creamed cauliflower doesn't tweak my yummy chord, LOL.

CeeJay - Ouch for a day that left you feeling annoyed, with Kudos for facing Sabotaging Thoughts knowing "that all these thoughts are B.S. ."

silverbirch Waving. Hope you're celebrating Guy Fawkes Day with fireworks. Around here at moment, few Americans would be inclined to celebrate that our Congressional building was spared 36 barrels of gunpowder - we're not in a love-our-congress phase.

maryann - See's candy in moderation is a big deal - Kudos. Congrats on chasing down the better violin for your DS. [Sensitive point: It wasn't a "moonlight walk" - she was on the other side dallying with the sun. I wasn't even thinking about her.]

nationalparker Electronic silence is a joy - a neat example of Arranging Your Environment in the mental area. [I love our bats which I get to see if we dawdle on the patio as dark approaches in the summer.]

Readers -
day 7 Arrange Your Environment
...Once I make changes at home and
at work to remove whatever temptations
.....I can, dieting will be easier.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 95.
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In maintenance phase: 10 years and 6 months
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