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So I decided to quit HMR. The acute cause - the government shut down. I was not thrilled with their reaction when I only wanted two weeks off due to lack of income. But, I was already feeling this was not going to work for me for losing the last 20 lbs.

Overall I kind of realized I am just sick to death of the food. I know HMR takes great pains to make sure you do the different recipes and stuff but over all.. the food is still the food. And since I had been on it for about 2 years... I was just sick to death of it. I felt it was actually setting off binges because I just so wanted to have a different taste and the food was not cutting it... even if I did different recipes.

So I took a week off (and probably paid for that) and now I have decided to use sort of the Simple Diet to maintain and explore more "meal replacements" and see what I can mix it up with.

So far I am eating the weight watchers "smart ones" for breakfast. It just totally hits the spot for me and is 200 cals. For dinner most nights I am having lien cuisines. Their chicken parm actually tastes like chicken parm.. though it is 100 calories more.

For the "benefit bars" I am having the zone bars. Since they are 210 cals, I have been basically not having the last bite to cut down the cals.
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