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Hey Girls

I just got home from a 1/2 hr. massage for shoulder pain. She's also a surgical RN & certified in naturopathy. I told her my probs & she said I could eliminate almost all probs if I ate following the Blood Type diet plan. I'm thinking about it, I've heard other ppl that improved their life eating that way. Do U or anyone U know follow the Blood Type eating plan? What do U think about it?

Tori, that will b wonderful to meet & visit I'll text U when we plan to come to Fl. My massage therapist & dh goes down yrly. & rents a beautiful condo for 2 wks. & gave me info. paying $120 nightly. Disney may b too pricey for us to stay at; we're on a small budget plus I'm concerned about the bed-bug epidemic @ hotels now & I wonder if its also happening @ rental condos. So I'd feel safer sleeping in our tent-camper or if we had a friends home in the Orlando/Kissimmee area but we don't know anyone in Florida. If gas prices stay low next spring I know we'll pull our camper w dh's truck down.
I don't know Where All Your daily ENERGY is coming from We know U r young, not 30 yrs. yet but WoW U do soo much weekly w your family & your classes.... I wish U would send it to me U r sooo inspiring w Everything U r doing

Susie, I'm Very Happy for U that U have achieved your career dreams & goals. I'm sorry about John's heart prob, but it could b worse; He is Blessed to have a good life w U Congrats on asking your Director for assistants to help U!!! What did U think of the BL when U watched them over the weekend?

Tori & Susie who r your fav's on DWTS & BL

I gotta get back to work now. Everyone Have a great week
Thank you for your Prayers PLease share a funny video Dee. "I'm a Gummy Bear" song from the Gummy Bear movie. Also a Minnions video clip that makes you LOL !

I have a Grandma brain
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