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Hope everyone had a good weekend! So hard to get through those hungry days...for those that pushed through and stayed on plan, how did you feel the day after?
One of the reasons I quit IP was I would have a really hungry day, but stay OP, then the following day I was not as hungry but I felt like a zombie - exhausted, weak, could not think clearly. To the point I was scared I was gonna do something really stupid or pass out while driving. My next really hungry day I ate some peanuts, felt great and had no impact to my weight loss. I researched hypoglycemia to see if that was my problem, but I don't know. My coach's suggestion was to eat LESS and is another reason I quit IP. Only 900 calories a day and I am starving and exhausted and you think eating LESS is the answer?
I know, I know, IP works and all these folks on here have had success. I just couldn't do it. When I was in PMS and my boobs hurt so bad I couldn't sleep, I just gave up. I am now doing Atkins, in the induction phase and doing well. The great thing about Atkins is on my hungry days I just eat more. It is hard to stay under 20 net carbs a day!
Once I have lost 15# I will go to phase 1 of Atkins which is very similar to IP, I think the carbs are the same (net under 40ish) but Atkins allows more calories, since food like eggs are not restricted. I still have a bunch of IP and alternative packets I can use then too.

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