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Let's try this again . .
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Hey Shy-It might take me awhile to remember to come over to this site on a regular basis-I'm so used to most of my social interaction being on FB!

Hopefully you'll feel normal now that TOM is over. If you have a heavy cycle-I can imagine you might feel a little dizzy if that's not the norm for you. I would write down your TOM symptoms and keep it in case it keeps reoccurring so you can let your doc know. I wouldn't think iron pills would make it worse, but I suppose it could.

I struggled some this weekend. I can do so good with willpower on the actual holidays (i had 2 pieces of candy on Halloween-thought that was pretty good . .)---it's the day or two AFTER that get me. Once I let my guard down. Stupid candy. Stupid people who keep bringing their candy into work, church, and I SWEAR SOMEONE PUT CANDY IN MY PURSE.

Oh well-new week. new start. And yes .. .I'll start a Nov thread . .
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