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Good afternoon everyone! It is cool here but nice and sunny. Jack is out cooking his crab cakes (he burns them and likes them that way so I make him cook them and clean up the mess.)

Today has been a do nothing day. Jack ran a quick errand this morning but other than that is mostly college football on tv. I have just been reading as my hands are hurting today so no knitting.

I am so furious with Fedex. After all was said and done, I finally gave them my phone number and told them straight out they had no need of it, but they gave me bologna but never told me why they needed it. They promised it wouldn't be given out that only the person doing the search for my yarn would have it. Yeah, right. I got a call yesterday morning showing "unknown" number wanting to know where I ordered from, what the order number was, what was in the box, and what color was it? Huh????? Why do you need all that? Are you going to go out on the tarmack and rip open every box to find pink and gray yarn. I did notice they updated this morning that the box is not at the post office and will probably be delivered on Monday. I contacted knitpicks where I ordered my yarn and they are not happy about it for sure.

Jean: My opinion is, you live in a farming community, you put up with farm equipment slowing you down. Why you would put yourself in danger by crossing on a double line I don't know. People are stupid. How is harvest coming along? Our leaves are too wet to clean up, but Jack is going to do some work on the stuff tomorrow I think.

You all enjoy your extra hour of sleep. I am going to help Jack finish up dinner. Faye
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