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Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it "feels like" 21 degrees outside. I need to go out and feed my critter friends and scoop up the cat food. "Someone" dumped the bowl over while it was still dark this morning. Bob left for the farm when it was still dark; he is hauling to the farm bins with two wagons. The guy lives on a rather hilly road and idiots tend to pass farm tractors even though there are double yellow lines. A couple years ago the farmer made huge signs for the back of his wagons saying that if passed on a double yellow line, he will turn the license plates in to the sheriff. The trick is to get the number. He has done it though. I have nothing planned for today except more laundry and sorting the never ending piles of clothes. I need to try some on first but think if I haven't worn them in a long time, it's time for them to go whether they fit or not.

Don't forget to change your clocks! "Fall" back which gives us another hour of sleep. Hope you all enjoy a nice weekend and do something nice for yourselves.
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