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Originally Posted by nolasmurf View Post
are you getting in the 4 cups of veggies? I nibble on cucumbers, green peppers, and raw broccoli throughout the day. And remember Lettuce is a freebie! You can eat more than one green salad a day.

I was like that yesterday so I'm trying to abate it by having a salad for both lunch and dinner. Good luck to you!
I second what nola said!!!

I do have green peppers sliced and measured out esp more so if I wake so starved I could eat the comforter them move on the carpet with out blinking!

BUT di chew some extra sugar free dessert gum, it helps as does peppermint tea

have those days more than I like,. today I am going on day 6 of a migraine that has bee coming off and on for a week My salt and water are good it is one of the joys of being the glorious ME .

But you are doing great, your loss is amazing and I bet you look and feel like a million dollars too (as do all my fellow IPers) I am hoping to be 100% for the rest of my journey to drop all the fat

hang in there!

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