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Howdy everyone! You all have been on my heart this week. I just couldn't seem to get here. I bet you can all guess why...WORK!

DH went to the cardiologist on Wednesday and he is back in Afib, so he has to have another Cardioconversion. He will have it next Friday on November 8!

It is very frustrating to live with afib, as it is a heart issue but it isn't one that has to do with being overweight, or the way you eat or anything like that. It just is electrical and so it doesn't have to do with blockages or things like that. It's hard to fix but it can be managed, so that is where we are.

DH's blood work is exception according to his doctors and the labs and his heart tests say it is in good shape. They would like to see him loose 15-20 lbs but they don't say to much to him about it. They did tell him that being more active can help sometimes with afib as does sleeping well and getting enough sleep. They said it is just something that happens and you never know how it will happen too.

I wasn't expecting it that soon as last time he had to wait almost 3 weeks. Of course that week I am OOO two days, one for training and one for a meeting that I'm running, and then being out on that Friday, so I was scrambling with working extra hours to make sure that other things next week are in place. Also I was handed a new project to spear-head. I was told I got it because I'm seen as a top Admin and role model and they want my branding on it. So, I have to turn in a brief on how I plan to handle this project, along with timelines and resources I need so we can get those in place and it is due next Tuesday.

I can see Dee giving me this look lol. Dee: I told them I was honored but I would need to shift some of my daily work to the other Admin's in my group so that I wasn't killing myself. I have proposed what they will take on from now until Feb when this is delivered. My Director said he would get me some help.

Lizzy. We are looking foward to getting to know you and cheer you on towards your goal.

cowgirl: i don't know how anyone does night shifts. I'm a morning person for sure but I know others who are those night owls. How long have you been watching your sodium? I'm sure you are looking forward to DH coming home. It's always nice to have some alone time but I miss my DH too when we are apart.

Dee: I love you! I am a very career driven person. I always have been that way. I knew at a early age I wanted a career and I wanted to be an Admin at a big company and supporting upper management. So, I'm living my dream, but you are right, it has taken control of me these past 6 months and I need some me time and some family time. I'll find the balance. I have I can be around for all the people I love.

Did you tell DH that he missed an opportunity to keep you warm in bed?

I haven't watched BL yet, but will catch up on it this weekend.

We don't have any vacation plans to go anywhere warm this would be nice to do so!

My goal this month is to have a 6-8 lb loss and to get 30 min of exercise in 4-5 times a week and to post here at least 3 times a week.

See you all soon!
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