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Originally Posted by cass77 View Post
All the unflavoured ones that I find are still "milky" and just like a vanilla shake without the flavour. It is not very yummy in jello. I want something that is clear and you don't know it is there, like the IP jello is. Did you find that at your health food store?
No - I never did find an unflavored protein powder that would dissolve and not look milky in jello. But I know some folks here last year were using a gelatin product from Great Lakes Gelatin, in lieu of the IP gelatins. Here's a link:-

You may also be interested in this article about the health benefits of gelatin, including the fact that it's high in protein... I actually just noticed that the author mentions towards the bottom of the article that he/she uses the Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin. I haven't used this myself, but I'm thinking that it would produce a liquid or solid jello product that's clearer than those using regular protein powders. especially whey protein powder.

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