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Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun finally came out this afternoon and it's been so nice to see it again! The Weather Bug says it's 50 degrees so should be a nice evening for Trick or Treaters. I helped with the monthly church newsletter this morning instead of getting my nails done. I thought maybe I could go after lunch but there were four cars there so will go first thing in the morning. That's what I don't like about the walk-in business there.

"Gma" -- We've had misty days more so than rainy ones, along with thick fog. It's been wet enough to make a mess on the windows and car; our rain gauge isn't working so not sure how much we've actually gotten. I've tracked packages and it never looks like they take the shortest routes from start to finish. I hope you got your yarn today!

Susan -- I wasn't sure about going to Gravity although I do like Sandra Bullock too. I have CLOCKS written on my calendar so I don't forget to change them. We have an All Saints service at church on Sunday so Bob and I will be lighting candles for the members who died in the past year. They are glass with a cross and the person's name on them, then the family can take them if they wish. Sonny doesn't like it being dark in the morning either. He's always on the lookout for the stray cats and squirrels who come to eat. The cats will come in the dark but the squirrels wait until it's light. The possum has come a couple mornings too. I just saw a recipe for pretzels! I imagine it would work with any kind, except the straight sticks, but it showed a little square one with holes and you put a Hersheys white chocolate kiss on it, put it in the oven for a couple minutes, then top with another pretzel. It said not to let it melt because it would be a big mess, just let it soften a bit. Did you see where a mother is going to give "obese" children a letter rather than candy? I can't believe someone would actually do that when there are other kids around to watch. One piece of candy is not going to make that much difference imo.

I have a load of towels in the dryer so need to check and see if they are dry. I had a larger load than usual and the washer was making a screeching noise as it was spinning. I could hear it clear upstairs and couldn't figure out what it was. Hope you all enjoy a nice evening whether handing out treats or watching the tricks!
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