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Good morning to you all. It has rained all night and supposed to rain all day so I imagine leaf blowing won't be happening this weekend as everything will be too wet.

I only have a small chore this morning and morning chores and I will be all done. I am getting pretty steamed about my yarn though. It should have been here the first of the week. It came from Ohio, smartpost, which is Fedex until it gets into Memphis and then transferred to the post office. It is showing being shipped last Thurs and the last update was Saturday saying it is was in Southaven MS, which is where it transfers to the post office. I don't know where the heck the yarn is at this point. I am waiting to hear back from Fedex. The post office ignores your emails and gives you bologney if you call them. I don't get it soon, I am afraid I won't get the socks done for him.

Jean: Did you guys get a lot of rain the last couple days? I guess they post poned trick or treating tonight in Indiana because the rain is so bad and thunderstorms too. They are supposed to go tomorrow night I guess. I am not a big biscuit fan, but would like to try it maybe with crescent rolls and flatten them and seal them all up and see how that would do. I think I would use my homemade sloppy jo recipe and put the cheese inside instead of out.

Nothing much going on here except a load of laundry. Have a great day everyone. Faye
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