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Originally Posted by grapefruit View Post
Just did a Piloxing class - supposed to be pilates and boxing, actually more like trying (unsuccessfully) to follow dance steps to too-loud music and an annoying curly haired loud lady who wants you to shout things like 'Yeah! I'm strong and sexy!' NEVER AGAIN.
haha this sounds hilarious! were people really into the yelling they were strong and sexy?

Originally Posted by Campana View Post
So today is Wed one week since I signed up an I lost nothing I've been excercising but obviously that isnt enough. I know I can eat healthier I just thought a little sweet here and there wouldnt hurt but I see not! I need to step it up in order to meet my 15 lbs goal.
there can be a lot of factors to not losing anything this week, just keep at it

Originally Posted by Shaunalynn View Post
Alright, I have an 18 pound loss goal. Let's do this!
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yay it's wednesday! I am feeling a little better since I pulled my back. Hopefully, I can do some light exercise this weekend. I'm at 140, so very close to my goal of 135. Hopefully I'll see a 3 in my weight by the end of the week.
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